Saturday, September 30, 2006

it's official

it's official, humans cause me great concern and sadness. i tend to think them "stupid." now, i am not sure if all humans are stupid because i have not met all humans yet, but the ones i seem to be meeting lately are pretty stupid [and i am deeply saddened by their actions and remarks. now, not "stupid" in the "i can't add 2 plus 2" stupid, but in the "i will tell you one thing and do another thing" stupid. in my dealings with certain humans over the past few months i am not sure how humans can deal with each other at all. humans, in general, lie, cheat and steal and for what ever reason they think this is a good thing; and the part that gets me the most is some claim to be doing it for God, and because of that it's okay.

over the past few months i have had the unfortunate task of dealing with humans who claim to be "higher on the evolutionary scale," and yet i wonder. these humans are called "denominational leaders" from the "sbc" and they seem to have no grasp of reality,and they are very smooth. in fact, after having a conversation with one i felt i needed a flea dip. granted, i know i am a monkey, and like all good monkeys a bit of poo is always involved - but more so then the poo, i believe i am a pretty honest and direct. i'm not perfect, and i know my aim is not that great. still, when one is dealing with people who claim to be "denominational leaders" one does have an expectation of honesty and integrity. i know, i know, i should never place that kind of burden on a human, they always find a way around the realities of life.

i feel sorry for those humans, those trapped in the bondage of denominational bureaucracy . you see, they think they are "right" and yet they have no idea what that means. they are quick to tell you one thing, while meaning something very different; they are quick to say they support you, while at the same time sharpening the knife that will be planted in your back. for them, power is defined in terms of money, and when they get to the point of being "in charge" they wheeled that power around, and hold it over the heads of others. i am saddened by the hearts of those who claim to be "denominational leaders" because in them i see nothing i desire to be, or become. who they are turns me away from where they are and moves me in a very different direction. if i see in them anything, i see in them what i desire not to be in my walk of faith.

i pray i hold humans higher then "profit"
i pray i can see past the lies, and walk in the light
i pray i can be a better monkey, then they can a human
i pray i see community, and am blind to "church"
i pray i see Christ, and i turn from the teachings of man
i pray i know faith, and leave behind frustration
i pray i hold grace, and not hear the cries for "revenge"

when i became a follower of christ, i did something very silly - i read the bible and i expected people who claimed to be leaders to follow it all the way. not just the parts they like. as a monkey, i strive to not be human - because if being human means i have to treat people the way many religious leaders treat people - i want nothing to do with it - and i am glad evolution is in flux.

Friday, September 29, 2006

stupid religious news:

Church to Fight IRS Demand for Documents: it seems the irs is after a episcopal church in california for speaking out against the war. is it getting to the point in our world where people of faith can not speak their faith without the some goverment agency dumping on them?

Friday, September 22, 2006

why should i stay a christian?

i was sitting with a teen about a week ago when this question came up, he asked "why should i stay a christian?" now, for many in the church this question is impossible to answer because all they want to do is say "because your saved" as if he was running bases in a ballgame and being "safe" was the end result; or because "you will not going to hell" thinking for some reason that not being punished will be a valid answer for seeking God. but for me, this question truly spoke volumes, because i have asked myself that very question before, many times. to be honest, i would say that i ask myself that question on a regular basis. i think all people who claim to be a follower need to ask themselves that very question - why? 

the question is not a "what should i call myself" question; it is a "why should i believe" question and it holds a great deal of insight and weight that the current church must deal with, even if it does not like dealing with the issues. in my walk i have asked this question in conjunction with other elements - for example, "why should i stay a christian, when i do not feel others who claim to be christian truly love me, for me?" or "why should i stay a christian, when i am not made to feel welcomed?" or "why should i stay a christian, when everyone seems so judgmental and mean spirited about others?" or "why should i stay a christian when all "christians" do is gossip and speak ill of others and claim it is done in love?" or "why should i stay a christian, when i ask questions they are discounted as "silly" or "heretical?" now, most evangelicals i know discount these questions with what i believe to be a very cheap response, "we are all sinful humans living in a fallen world." but, i believe, like most evangelical theology the response to such a question is cheap and easy. in asking those questions i am not looking for the "corporate line" as an answer. what i am looking for is a people willing to ask themselves, "why is the question being asked?" you see, many christians will read this and see the question as a problem, but they will never wonder why such a question would even be asked. for them, the problem is with the person asking the question and not with the faith; for many the question must have an answer. but sometimes the question is simply there to cause one to think of why people do as people do.

for me, many people in churches treat people like crap because they believe that 'once saved always saved' is a building block of the faith?" [the term "eternal security" is a doctrine whose view is commonly held by many believers is generally applied to the belief that all who have ever believed will enter heaven regardless of their walk.]. think about that, if one accept jesus and walk away one is still saved, because they accepted jesus; they can not lose their salvation no matter how poorly they treat another. this, to me, seems like a very cheap form of salvation and calls no one into accountability. after all, i can accept jesus as my savior and still treat people like crap and lose nothing because "once saved, always saved." it seems to me to make salvation a cheap prize to hold; or that our faith is just not worth walking. because, if being saved means i get to spend eternity with bitter, gossiping old ladies who can speak hatred and pretend it is love, then i want nothing to do with it; to me that would not be heaven, that would be hell. in my mind, if i have to spend eternity with people who are so hurtful, so spiteful, so demanding, so judgmental, so hateful then i am not sure i want to be in that number. think of it this way, why would i want to spend eternity with people who don't want to be with me for one hour a week? if i can not see a changed heart, a heart that is very different from the world around me, from those who claim to follow christ then i am not sure i want to be in the club. because from where i sit there is very little difference between being a rotarian and being a christian; expect maybe that other rotarians demand more of you then other christians would ever dream of demanding.

why should i stay a "christian" when most people who claim to be christian do not "love" others? sure, the lip service is there and people talk a good game, but in the reality of love, many "christians" do not love. let's be honest, i could care less how much you tell me you love me if your actions are not speaking in love. when i visit some churches i am ignored, why? because i am new and people do not know me? that is a bad reason, should we just get to know the new people? could it be because i do not look the same as others in that church? could it be that i am not the same skin tone? could it be that i am not the same ethnic background as others in that church? could it be a million reasons, all of them trumping the call for us to love others. over my life i have been rejected more because of the way i look then anything else. when i was overweight i was shunned because i was fat; when i got my ears pierced i was shunned because i had earrings; when i shaved my head i was shunned because i did not "look" like a pastor; when i got my first "noticeable" tattoo i was shunned because i placed ink-art on my body. the church is very good at shunning people and very bad at loving them. let me place proof to the statement that many churches do not see love as a core doctrine of the church, look at any churches "what we believe" [or doctrine page] page on the net and you will find one fact left out - "we believe in love" is not to be found on most [99.99%] churches. they will tell you to love, but it is not in the doctrine of the church.

why should i stay a christian, if being one is no different then the world around me? if claiming christ as my savior is a "end" results game and not a lifestyle change? if being a christian means i am just like everyone else except i get to claim a prize at the end, what value is that faith in my life and in the lives of the people i connect with? think about that, why are you still a christian?