Wednesday, November 01, 2006

church "mistakes"

i am not a big fan of spam; not from any source. in fact, i do not even read what is in my spam folder - i simply hit the "send this crap into hyperspace" button on my computer and i never give it a second thought - i love that power. knowing that, and knowing this primate is not easy amused, what i am about to tell you becomes a wondrous experience.

someone in my family, and they will remain nameless, sent me a "mistakes churches make in bulletins" - now,i think this was done because the church i am at does not use them, so they thought it was funny :) well, as i was giving it a once over, so i could be honest when asked, "did you read the email i sent?" i could say, "oh, yea." well, in doing the "quick" read one of the "mistakes" hit me - here is what it said: "don't kill yourself, let the church help" - and i thought, "oh, my God that is so very true." what do you think?

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